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Switzerland is a country of vibrant wonderment; the small mountainous country embraces its landmarks, cities and nature with pride. Soaring glacier-encrusted mountains that stand proudly throughout the nation are home to the much-skied snow and ice lands. The mountains are transformed into meadows of wild alpine flowers and edelweiss as the winter turns to spring. Beautiful castles, sparkling lakes, pea-green vineyards, and colourful villages jostle with UNESCO world heritage sites, medieval towns, and the industrial districts of modern cities that intersperse the ever-changing Switzerland landscapes.

The vibrant multicoloured towns host ancient markets that are abuzz with tradition, folkloric fairs and alp-horn concerts. Celebrate hearty gastronomic feasts with air-dried meats, gooey fondue cheese, velvety chocolate, and lashings of kirsch. Fall in love with Switzerland’s culture and tradition that are deeply rooted in Switzerland and allow your guide to take you on a private guided tour as you relax into the unique nuances of this beautiful land.

Why Venez Discover Switzerland Is The Best Choice?

Why Explore Switzerland?

Lucerne Lake Scenic View
Jungfrau Glacier

If you appreciate a fusion of spectacular nature, the rustic charm of small towns, and the hullabaloo of urban living, we are sure you will appreciate the Venez Discover Switzerland tours that introduce you to Switzerland’s unique treasures throughout the summer and winter seasons. Uncover ancient traditions, traverse mountain paths to the Jungfraujoch, wander through flowering meadows to sparkling lakes and amble through pretty villages and the streets of thought-provoking cities.

Our personable and knowledgeable guides seamlessly escort you on a journey of discovery through the layers of history and strata of nature. The fresh air and beauty at every turn will leave you spellbound and with cherished memories.

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