8 Best Once in a Lifetime Places to Visit in Switzerland

Planning a tour to Switzerland but getting difficulty on where to travel or what to do? Well, we’ve got you covered with our latest list of the top 8 once-in-a-lifetime places to visit in Switzerland. 

Zurich Central Cathedral

1. Zurich 

Zurich is a town that enchants up memories of the breathtaking elegance of the beautiful Swiss meadows, mighty Alps, alpine forests, and natural mountain lakes. 

Zurich has balanced its precious cultural heritage with modernity and possesses around 50 museums, theatres, art galleries, and a library considered to be the most impressive in the world.  

2. Interlaken 

Interlaken is a Swiss city that lies in the lap of the majestic Alps. The stunning mountains enclosing the town have greeted tourists for over a hundred years, creating Interlaken the most-visited destination today.  

The unique picturesque beauty of the Swiss Alps, along with its vast culture and a pleasing small-town vibe, make Interlaken a holiday seeker’s paradise. 

3. Lucerne 

Miles of emerald-green fields dotted with lovely houses, church spires, and ancient towers near Lake Lucerne have made Lucerne look right out of a picture postcard. 

The place even encouraged Leo Tolstoy and Mark Twain to write about its appeal. There are delightful cafes to enjoy Swiss chocolates, coffees, and cheese.

4. Basel 

Like all the major Swiss cities, Basel also holds its own beautiful Old Town area, which carries one back in the comfortable and slow pace of life as it was in the old era. The Basel tours are a paradise for those who love nature and the outdoors.

5. Grindelwald 

Nestled in the heart of the Bernese Highlands of Switzerland, the little town of Grindelwald provides a befitting home in the heart of nature. 

Grindelwald attracts visitors from all over the world for its alpine beauty and clear skies. The city is a welcome break from the bustle of boring city life. 

6. Geneva 

While few Switzerland cities are steeped in culture and history and other modern ones are great on party nights, Geneva provides a unique mixture of it all, ideal for every traveler, old or young.  

With the lake passing right by the heart of the city, the backdrop of the Alps, and a bridge from where you can view the panoramic glory of the city, Geneva captivates the intricacies of the new and old gracefully! 

7. Zermatt 

This alpine village lies at the base of the majestic and mystical mountain of Switzerland- The Matterhorn. Zermatt is famed for its pure Swiss nature that takes you away from all your difficulties.  

It is because Zermatt is a car-free area, and you can enjoy its beauty with horse carriages, gondolas, and electric cars.  

8. Montreux 

Though it’s a small town, it has so much thrill-packed in it that it can keep you captivated for days. Lake Geneva is the famous draw here with its lakefront shaded by mulberry, almond, fig, and palm trees.  

Experience boating in the lake or head to the pleasant Swiss wines and food near the riverside cafes.  


Be it the green meadow of Lucerne or the jaw-dropping scenery of Zurich, tourist attractions in Switzerland offer you an unforgettable experience and a pleasant staycation. The amazing view of the clouds piercing the Swiss mountainous scenery will surely leave you breathless. So, plan your trip today and have fun! 

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