8 Reasons everyone should visit the Swiss Alps

Think of Switzerland, and snow-tipped mountains probably hit the mind. Maybe you think of pretty green Alpine fields with cows grazing delicately in the background and the sound of someone yodelling on the way.  

If these alluring thoughts are not adequate reasons for you to carry your suitcases for the Switzerland mountains, then here are eight more reasons to satisfy you. 

1. The Skiing 

It’s duck soup. The Swiss Alps is among the best points for skiing in the world, and it owns a few of the top ski resorts, with, you guessed it, the most suitable slopes. Whether you’re seeking deep powder free-riding or kid-friendly slopes, it’s all here!  

The primary ski season in the Swiss Alps is from November to March. New Year, Christmas, and half-term are the favorite weeks, so expect a delightful and exciting atmosphere.  

January and March are the most affordable and peaceful – choose March for sunny slopes and more moderate weather up to 5°C or pick January for greater snow, thanks to temperatures that average to -5° C. 

2. The scenery 

The Swiss Alps house some of the most exciting landscapes on the earth. From mountain summits, that elevation will crane your neck to so many excellent, secluded lakes that you’ll never desire to leave.  

In summer, the glowing lakes of Zurich, Geneva, and Como offer a plethora of water sports and have various beautiful places to lounge around.  

Getting up from the azure waters are the breathtaking Swiss Alps, with their snow-covered summits entering the fine clouds. During winter, Switzerland’s picturesque mountains rule the skyline, especially the majestic Matterhorn. 

To offer you a little flavor of what to expect, the ski resort of Zermatt possesses 38 summits above 4,000 m alone. Get an alps train tour of Switzerland to witness the best of the alpine scenery. 

3. The hiking 

The Swiss Alpine area is amazingly well designed and operates a broad range of retreats cheaply for trekkers or hikers all over the Swiss Alps. And cheap accommodation, there are various entirely sign-posted tracks that’ll allow you to explore the Swiss Alps to your heart’s desire. 

Some of the best places for hikes in Switzerland are Mount Rigi Panorama Trail, Engelberg Valley, Matterhorn, Lauterbrunnental Glacial Valley, Höhbalmen Alpine Meadows, Mount Titlis, Oeschinensee Panorama Hike, and Val Trupchun Hiking Trail in Swiss National Park. 

Ultimately, Switzerland is so well organized that the entire country is nearly covered with well-kept hiking paths that you could step from one point to another. 

4. Experience the Alpine village life 

Some places in the world have earned attention from visitors as much as the European countryside has. While England and Ireland possess awe-inspiring sceneries, Switzerland houses some of THE most charming villages on the planet.  

Situated in the lap of the Alps and enclosing valleys, the attractive villages in Switzerland provide visitors an opportunity to relax and encounter local culture and life. 

The Swiss Alps are complete with lovely small villages like Grindelwald where you can feel entirely attached to nature and just rest and inhale the fresh mountain air.  

5. The food 

Switzerland is also regarded as the Cheese capital on the earth. No less than 400 various specialties of cheese are made in Switzerland. You won’t get most of them anywhere else on the planet.  

Good traditional blended cheese fondue has dark roots in the Swiss Alps as a meal for poor farmers who attempt to use all their remaining ingredients through the harsh winter months.  

On tour to the Swiss Alps, you can enjoy this and other local specialties like raclette while tasting some excellent Swiss champagne. Though you can enjoy them in areas outside Switzerland, the flavor is entirely different here in Switzerland. 

 6. The Matterhorn 

The Matterhorn, towering at 14,692 ft (4,478 m), is undoubtedly the world’s most iconic and recognizable mountain. Every year millions of tourists visit Zermatt just to witness the Matterhorn.  

From Zermatt, several close-by-day hikes allow for unimaginable vistas of this magnificent peak.  

It is also a highly-admired peak for alpine mountaineers. Every year, nearly 3,000 people climb the mountain. The climb is not very challenging, but it is quite subject and exposed to rockfall. If you’re seeking to climb it, make sure to get a guide that knows it well. 

The Matterhorn is just jaw-dropping, and while traveling the neighboring area, you’re sure to find it from new perspectives that’ll be even more attractive than the last. Don’t forget to take additional memory cards for your camera. 

7. The Great Aletsch Glacier 

Europe’s biggest glacier is in the Swiss Alps, and it extends for 23 km. What more excellent way to fill your holiday than at a high elevation, chilling out by a glacier that records back to the ice age? A vacation to this evidence of a significantly colder time on Earth is sufficient reason to tour the Swiss Alps. 

You can simply take up a cable car to get this amazing scenery. If you feel like hiking, there is a simple, short breathtaking track along the ridge here. For more challenges, walk down the valley to get a little nearer and cross a suspension bridge. 

8. Tour the Top of Europe 

The Jungfraujoch tour, where you’ll discover the Great Aletsch Glacier, is respectively identified as the Top of Europe. To arrive there, you’ll reach the most eminent railway station in Europe. This Panoramic Train of Switzerland will take you to beautiful sights of the two 4,000-m peaks, the Jungfrau and Mönch. 

With the landscape of Mittelland up to the pictures of Aletsch glacier on one side and the Vosges on the other side, Jungfrau seems like white heaven with icy breeze covering your face and snow below your feet. 


Switzerland mountains are breathtaking and efficiently accessible! It doesn’t need you to be a hardcore highlander. Make sure you encounter the maximum of these by planning a tour to Switzerland and heading out for one of the most unforgettable vacations ever! Natural surroundings and clear skies await!  

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