Exploring Switzerland With Us

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Venez Discover Switzerland has been built by people who love to explore. We embrace our commitment to protecting our environment and sharing with you our knowledge, passion and excitement with aplomb. Each guide understands the pleasures of discovering new places and eagerly guides you with fresh eyes each day. The private tours are each planned with you in mind to ensure that you can truly appreciate the uniqueness of each place. Our guides help you unravel Swiss secrets and mysteries of old and reveal the vital history that forever lingers within landmarks and nature. You’ll travel to most destinations by Switzerland’s luxury train so you can relax, breathe in and appreciate your surroundings as you journey through nature, colourful Swiss towns, endless valleys and urbanized landscapes.

You can work with us to create your own distinctive journey with our unique Switzerland Trip Planner option, which will help you plan your dream day tour itinerary. The planning team will make recommendations based on the exploring that you would like to do and the time that you have available. Imagine your own Swiss tailored tour of discovery as you weave your way through the magical cities of Basel, Bern, Geneva, Lucerne and Zurich and the breathtaking scenery that Switzerland boasts.

We Travelled All Around Switzerland To Make The Perfect Tours For You

We at Venez Discover Switzerland have collectively explored Switzerland for more than a decade. We have an innate understanding of the country and its complex transportation networks. Their intricate tapestry of adventures will allow you to handpick and create your very own aspirational journey. The Swiss Alps are famed for their natural beauty in every season, they shimmer with snow in the winter and glow with vibrant colours throughout the summer.

Allow us to take you to peaceful uncharted villages so you can soak up typical Swiss local life, savour gastronomical delicacies, embrace folkloric traditions and immerse yourself in their fascinating history.

Caillier Chocolate Factory
Basel Rathaus - Inside Courtyard Facade

What Can Venez Discover Switzerland Offer You?

Experienced Guides

Our guides are well versed in the rich culture of Switzerland. Each guide has unstoppable energy and the ability to bring each destination alive with their enthusiasm, intrinsic knowledge and storytelling skills.

Comfortable Journeys

Most journeys are by rail, which affords you the finest in Swiss hospitality and first-class comfort. Travelling by train is an eco-friendly solution so we can protect our planet.

Flexible Cancellation

You can reserve your Venez Discover Switzerland tour without paying a deposit. The cancellation policy generously states that you can postpone or cancel without penalty up to seven days before your tour.

Book Securely

All of your data is protected under the Venez Discover GDPR policy.

 Payments are trouble-free and are made through TrekkPay, which is one the most secure payment system in the world.

Private Tours

Each tour is crafted meticulously with your safety and comfort in mind. Our pandemic measures are second to none and allow you to enjoy a private and completely unique experience.

Suitable for Everyone

We can help anyone plan a trip to Switzerland by accommodating solo travellers, couples, families and larger groups. We design the tours so you can experience personalised freedom.

Multi-Day Trips

Discover curated extensive programmes that embrace Switzerland's highlights for travellers who want to immerse themselves into culturally unique explorations and discover the truly unique offerings of this vibrant country.

Authentic Itineraries

We crafts unique itineraries that respect Switzerland's nature and culture. We ensure that they devise and plan each journey with your safety and care for the environment in mind.