Amsterdam, Paris, Switzerland’s Alps and Italy’s Northern Heritage

Tour Duration: 15 Days 14 Nights

 Journey through some of the most spectacular lands in Europe. Tulips, canals, windmills, treasure-packed museums, vintage shops, an eclectic design scene, and masterpieces are the resplendent of Amsterdam. Paris boasts the cloud-piercing Eiffel Tower, history-lined boulevards, museums, boulangeries, and bistros. Explore Switzerland; glacier-encrusted mountains stand proudly throughout the nation. They are home to the much-skied snow and ice lands. The mountains are transformed into meadows of wild alpine flowers and edelweiss as the winter turns to spring. Beautiful castles, sparkling lakes, pea-green vineyards, and colorful villages jostle with UNESCO world heritage sites, medieval towns, and industrial districts. Continue your journey to Italy, the country with more UNESCO World Heritage Cultural Sites than any other country. It is packed with extraordinary diversity, from the icy-peaked Alps and glacial lakes in the north, the fashionable streets of Milan, art-filled Florence, and Romeo and Juliette’s celebrated balcony in Verona. Set foot in seductive Tuscany and explore its lyrical landscapes, world-class art, and slow-cooked food.

What’s Included In Your Tour

  • Private local guide
  • Airport transfers on arrival and departure
  • Deluxe overnight accommodation (4*)
  • Regional breakfast every morning
  • Porter assistance between cities
  • 1st Class Eurail Pass
  • Dinners and welcome basket
    • (Seven dinners – first night in each city)
  • Fully guided tours
    • (Seven tours – first day in each city)
  • All fees and taxes

Key Points of Your Rail Journey Through Amsterdam, Paris, Switzerland's Alps and Northern Italy

  • Explore age-old stories of canal-woven Amsterdam by boat, bicycle or on foot
  • Walk in the footsteps of Marie Antoinette when she retreated to the Palace of Versailles
  • Unravel the art, wines and magic of the extraordinary heritage of northern Italy and its seductive countryside
  • Discover the soaring Alps of Switzerland and its impressive collection of UNESCO World Heritage Sites that form the postcard appeal of this cosmopolitan country


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Itinerary and What to Expect?

Welcome to Amsterdam. Upon arrival, you will be welcomed by your trip manager. Dine on a delightful breakfast or lunch (depending on your arrival time) at the hotel before embarking on a beautiful exploration. Explore the reclaimed city of lazily meandering canals that create 90-islands that are connected by over 1200 bridges. The grachtenpand houses will enchant you as you wander through the narrow streets with your trip manager.

You’ll find Amsterdam to be witty and interlaced with hidden gardens, potent jenever (gin) distilleries, technicolored Dutch homeware and clothing boutiques, art galleries, craft breweries, tulip vendors, and classic restaurants. Perhaps stop and enjoy a gezelligheid in a bruin café, a ‘brown’ café named for its smoke-stained wooden paneling. There is no shortage of art; Vincent Van Gogh has the most extensive collection of the native artist’s work, not to mention Rembrandts and Vermeers in the impressive Rijksmuseum. If you want to feel the wind in your hair, then jump on board an open-air canal boat.

When you return to your hotel, you might want to continue exploring your local neighborhood or rest and enjoy cocktails and dinner later in the evening.

Start the day with a traditional Dutch breakfast of appelstroop, hagelslag, cheese, and cold meats on sliced bread.

There is a vast collection of curated explorations that you can choose from, which will allow you to discover Anne Frank House, houseboats, or stroll through the pretty neighborhood of Jordaan. Each Saturday, Lindengracht magically transforms into a large-scale open-air market, where you can find local crafts, produce, flowers, and endless edible goodies. Join the Netherland’s Windmills and Cultural Heritage Exploration to uncover the fascinating history of this eccentric city.

After another hearty Dutch breakfast, you will travel in first-class luxury on the French TGV. You’ll travel through the three countries Holland, Belgium, and France. Sit back and enjoy the scenery glide past your window. Your trip manager is always on hand if you want to chat about the various countries and up-and-coming curated or exclusive explorations.

On arrival to Paris, your guide will take you on a remarkable tour of the city and discover the various highlights, well-loved icons, and hidden gems, not to mention uncovering some of the mysterious secrets that the city holds. Next, your guide will transport you to the Palace of Versailles; you can explore the entire 700-roomed estate where Louis XIV and Queen Marie Antoinette once resided.

Upon returning to your hotel, you can choose to continue exploring your locale or enjoy a restful evening, a cocktail or two, and a lavish French dinner.

Start the day with a filling French breakfast before exploring the city of romance under your own steam. You can choose from a beautifully curated collection of tours that will allow you to discover more of the city or the nearby Normandy, Champagne, and Loire Valley provinces with your trip manager or guide.

Savor your final Parisian breakfast before embarking on a magnificent journey across the French countryside before arriving at the Swiss lakeside city of Geneva. You’ll have immaculate first-class seating on the French TGV. If you feel adventurous, you might want to detour into a delightful French village that boasts a historical hospice, ramble through a Burgundy vineyard and take part in a delicious wine-tasting.

Upon arrival in Geneva, freshen up in your beautiful hotel before exploring Switzerland’s most cosmopolitan city. The beautiful city is encircled by the Rhône, Lake Geneva, the snow-capped Geneva, and Jura Mountains, and views of the famed Mont Blanc. With your guide, explore fascinating museums, galleries, restaurants, boutique hotels, and what is the birthplace of watchmaking. Choose to get lost in Geneva’s old town, explore magical cobbled streets, and discover where Jean-Jacques Rousseau was born. Explore Saint Peter’s Cathedral, walk under the shady trees of Parc des Bastions and flit across Lake Geneva’s shores in vibrant yellow mouettes.

After a busy afternoon exploring, relax, and enjoy a lavish dinner and cocktails back at your hotel.

Breakfast is packed with Genevan delights such as open-faced freshly-baked bread slices smothered with Cenovis, honey or jam, birchermüesli, and a fresh fruit salad.

Geneva has a rich heritage that embraces multicultural communities that bring a fusion of traditions to the vibrant city. Explore the refined art of watchmaking in the Old Town. Feast on raclette, fondue, and delicious hot chocolate pots. If you prefer to go further afield, consider Montreux, Lausanne and Vevey Wines, Chamonix Mont-Blanc, Cern Nuclear Plant, or Evian’s Water exploration. Your trip manager is always on hand to assist you.

After breakfast, leave behind spectacular Geneva and board the Swiss Train and relax in first-class luxury as you journey through the breathtaking scenery of valleys, mountains, villages, lakes, and rivers. If you are in the mood to explore the region further, you can make a detour to Gruyères, the famous home of Swiss cheese, for an exclusive exploration and a delicious cheese tasting with your guide. Be spellbound by the extraordinary Gruyères Castle that stands with might at the peak of Fribourg’s imposing Alpine foothills. La Maison Cailler is one of the iconic symbols of La Gruyère; the Cailler family has been producing indulgent chocolate since 1898; you will be able to sample the world’s finest chocolate; this is a must-do Swiss chocolate tasting. On arrival in Bern, you will explore Switzerland’s capital city and the UNESCO World Heritage Listed Old Town with your trip manager and wander through the ancient picture-postcard streets. After an exciting afternoon of discovery, retire to your hotel later in the day for dinner and cocktails.

Start your day with a breakfast filled with Bern’s specialties. Visit more of Bern’s center built in today’s distinctive green-grey sandstone after fire ravaged the city in 1405. Cobbled streets and folkloric fountains aesthetically enhance the city. Bern’s glorious red-roofed buildings swathe the Aare river. If you desire to explore beyond the region, take an additional curated exploration and visit Basel and its Beer Heritage, Interlaken and the top of Europe, or even explore Thun and hike around the famous Oechinensee region.

Your day will start bright and early after a filling breakfast at your hotel. You’ll travel on the Swiss Train in first-class comfort and watch the scenic Alps and southern Switzerland glide past your window. You will snake past glorious lakes such as Lake Lugano, rivers, and across the border into northern Italy.

Upon arriving into the style-center of Italy, Milan boasts a juxtaposition of sustainable architecture and futuristic skylines. It’s home to the finest Italian fashion houses, spas, bars, galleries, hotels, and cultural developments. The city boasts the highest number of Michelin stars in the country. Your guide will take you on a magical tour that will lead you to discover Milan’s most fashionable streets, local heritage sites, and the medieval Duomo Cathedral, which took a staggering six centuries to construct.

In the late afternoon, you can return to your Milanese hotel to relax or continue to explore the vibrant city on your own or with another tour. In the evening, you’ll be served delicious cocktails and dinner in the hotel.

Start your day with a traditional Milanese breakfast of quintessential warm brioche and a caffeine-filled cappuccino. There are many tours to choose from in and around Milan, so choose wisely. Carefully curated explorations are available that allow you to discover the city known for its couture and energy. The Bernina Express is the loftiest Alps railway that climbs glistening glaciers as it ascends from the palms of Italy below. Travel to the fishing village of Portofino on the Italian Riviera and wander through small cobbled squares, pastel-colored houses, and seafood eateries that jostle for position on the harbor. If you prefer city vibes, discover Turin and its baroque buildings and delicious cafes that line pretty boulevards and grand squares.

After another delightful Milanese breakfast, you’ll board your Italian high-speed train. Travel from Milan to Florence through the majestic Tuscan countryside and its seemingly endless ancient vineyards.

Florence is a small city in northeastern Tuscany on the banks of the Arno river. Feast your eyes on world-class art and your tastebuds on gourmet Tuscan cuisine. Your trip manager will lead you on a ‘passeggiata’ of the city in a positively glorious and romantic light and visit Piazzale Michelangelo, the city’s square with an incredible panoramic view of Florence. Discover Renaissance architecture, infinite religious buildings and galleries, white buildings capped with red roofs, and winding ancient streets, or wander through the pristinely manicured pathways of Boboli Gardens.

After your exploration, you can choose to return to your hotel to relax or continue exploring the remarkable city tapestry cape on your own or as part of a curated exploration. The hotel will serve you Florentine cocktails and a lavish three-course dinner in the evening.

After a full breakfast of Florence’s flavors and specialties, you can explore Florence on your own or choose one or two of the curated explorations. Head afield of the city and discover Tuscany’s delightful and prolific vineyards and sample the finest Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino, and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. You might want to explore the famous leaning tower of Pisa and the surrounding well-preserved Romanesque buildings. Cinque Terre is another UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to dramatic coastal scenery and brightly colored fishing villages somehow hewn into seemingly impregnable cliffsides. There are endless options for you to enjoy.

Depart beautiful Florence in first-class accommodation on the Italian high-speed train and traverse the spectacular coastline and countryside of northern Italy to Venice.

Venice is a fairytale city. The Grand Canal reflects centuries of glorious Venetian architecture in the 50 palazzi and six churches lining its meandering banks. The backstreets are home to spectacular oversized Paolo Veronese historical paintings of religion and mythology, such as The Wedding at Cana and The Feast in the House of Levi. Savor Venetian cuisine has generous dashes of flavors from ancient spice routes in cicheti (Venetian tapas) washed down with Veneto’s signature bubbly, Prosecco. After your city tour, continue to explore this fascinating city on foot or by gondola.

After your city exploration, continue to explore this fascinating city on foot or by gondola before relaxing at your hotel for gorgeous cocktails and bountiful three-course dinner.

A brand new day in the city which has been nicknamed La Serenissima, City of Water, City of Masks, City of Bridges, The Floating City, and City of Canals. After breakfast, continue to explore the vibrant city of Venice under your own steam or the recommendation of your knowledgeable trip manager. If you want to explore further afield then choose from a curated exploration that will take you to Shakespeare’s Verona, Venice’s Islands, Venice’s Romantic Canal Cruise, Venice’s Exclusive Landmarks or even the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Escape. Your trip manager will always be present to advise and help you.

After your final Venetian breakfast, you can either explore Venice some more, or head on to your next destination.

Places To See On Our Amsterdam, Paris, Switzerland Alps and Italy Northern Heritage Tour

Amsterdam Paris Switzerlands Alps and Italys Northern Heritage Itinerary

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