Bernese Oberland Region Blog Post

Bernese Oberland Region

Visit one of our most indulging and picturesque tours while in Switzerland. If your staycation is for a limited time, but you want to see the iconic landmarks with the Swiss Alps, turquoise lakes, and historical towns, then head off with our Jungfraujoch & Interlaken’s Secrets tour in Bernese Oberland.

Bernese Oberland is the region located south of the Swiss capital city Bern. This region remains popular and attractive throughout centuries as for locals and tourists from all over the world. The central town is considered to be Interlaken town, which has easy access to the entire region, whereas the world’s famous place in Bernese Oberland is the Jungfrau region with its breathtaking and stunning scenery.

Above View of Interlaken Town
Interlaken’s Regional View

Interlaken is placed right between lakes Thun and Brienz in the heart of Switzerland with the gorgeous backdrop of the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau mountain peaks. The perfect combination of Swiss nature and magical local atmosphere awards you with a lifetime memory. If you are a fan of Swiss watches and the best watch mechanisms, take a chance to visit one of many luxurious boutiques on the shopping streets. Even a simple walk along the town followed by a peaceful stroll along the riverside of Lake Thun will rejuvenate you with positive energy.

Jungfraujoch Train

Jungfraujoch Train Ride to The Top Of Europe

Now, you may be confused between the difference between these terms Jungfrau and Jungfraujoch? Jungfrau is the third-highest mountain of the Bernese Alps. While Jungfraujoch is Europe’s Highest Train station and attributes to the “saddle” between two grand mountain peaks of Jungfrau and Mönch. The journey to Jungfraujoch starts with the impressive cogwheel train that takes you from Lauterbrunnen valley right at the heart of UNESCO heritage site “Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch” to the top of the observatory platform at 3571 meters above sea level. The impressive Swiss engineer developments; as the steepest cogwheel train and the mountain tunnel of 7 kilometers in length, allow travelers to enjoy the astonishing mountain peaks and marvelous views all year round.

Lauterbrunnen Staubbach Falls
Lauterbrunnen Staubbach Falls

Earlier, I have mentioned about Lauterbrunnen valley and this is another wonderful gem located in the center of the Bernese Oberland region. The valley is a quintessential alpine village renowned by their classic Swiss chalet houses and surrounded by the emerald meadows, most famous mountains, and the highlights of that area – waterfalls! Lauterbrunnen is well known as the “Valley of 72 Waterfalls”. This wonderland inspired many musicians, writers, and poets. Well, renowned German writer, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was so impressed by this valley, that he got inspired by Staubbach Falls and wrote “Song of the Spirits Over the Waters”. J.R.R Tolkien got influenced by the beauty of the surrounding nature, which got an idea for Rivendell during a hike from Interlaken to Lauterbrunnen. Also, the notorious movie starring James Bond  “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” was filmed in that valley. Staubbach waterfalls are one of the highest free-falling in Europe. Should I mention, that Lauterbrunnen valley became a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site in 2001!

To conclude, I would like to advise several things that you should bring with you before heading to this adventure:

  • Comfortable and Steady Shoes
  • Warm and Waterproof Jacket
  • A Camera for Majestic Photoshots!

Discover those highlights where ever you may be in Switzerland with our exquisite Jungfraujoch and Interlaken’s Region Discovery Day Trip from the cities below:

 BaselBernLucerneZurich If you would want your very own customized tour based on this article, feel free to contact us; we will be more than happy to assist!

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