Best Switzerland Mountain Biking Destinations

Mountain biking in Switzerland has earned the attention of bikers and adventure seekers alike. The Swiss Range is an ideal setup for this fantastic experience that tests your grit and gives you a lifetime memory. 

But in the meantime, it is very challenging and requires professional guidance at each step. To help you experience the most pleasing the region has to offer, we’ve listed some best mountain bike routes to bring your eyes to pop out, and your heart beat faster. 

1. Verbier 

During the winter, Verbier is a world-renowned ski resort. Switzerland in summer is a bit sleepy, but behind the leisure chalets and excellent restaurants, there’s great mountain biking to be discovered. 

There’s an attractive, perfect bike park on Les Ruinette, but the wealth in Verbier is the path riding. There are abundant excellent trails, and the landscape is awe-inspiring.

2. Zermatt 

While in Zermatt, things are placed into prospect – we’re discussing prominent mountains and small mountain bikers! The landscape is epic.  

Standing at the Gornergrat on a sunny day, you can observe more than 30 mountain tops which are higher than 4,000 meters. Zermatt is bike riding heaven, so set this place on your bucket list!  

3. Kandersteg 

On the banks of the Kander river and enclosed by enormous Alpine peaks, Kandersteg is a small and peaceful village. While the pace of life in the town is nice and comfortable, things really warm up when you enter the mountains – this is an ideal space for mountain biking and hiking. 

You may like the downhill free track, which is loaded full of berms and jumps, and the region has a lot more for the to-do list, including a swimming pool, a rope park, and a summer toboggan run. 

4. Interlaken and Grindelwald 

By the foot of Eiger, Interlaken and Grindelwald are famous among hikers and climbers but are not so renowned for mountain biking. However, there is a stunning 160 km of biking tracks in the region.  

The Jungfrau area is a fascinating and attractive part of the Alps, particularly the region right above the village of Grindelwald. 

5. Lugano 

On the prime edge of Lake Lugano and 8 kilometers from the Italian border, Lugano is frequently recognized as the ‘Monte Carlo of Switzerland,’ which offers you a taste of the town.  

The Sighignola and San Salvatore mountains offer an abundance of scope for hiking, and the region also has some of Switzerland’s best Mountain biking trails. 

6. Aletsch Arena

Switzerland is like one large bike park, so it is no wonder that there are excellent alps biking spots hidden away from the famous faces of the Eiger and Matterhorn. One of those regions rests just over the Rhône Valley, in the center of the Swiss Alps, known as Aletsch Arena.  

The surrounding Aletsch Arena currently holds 100 km (62 miles) of different biking tracks and an extra 50 in the pipeline offering one of the best Swiss Alps trips. 


So if you want to encounter a different version of life with a tinge of thrill to it, then this is it! This exciting MTB adventure in Switzerland will boost your adrenaline and show you completely another side of the destination. So, don’t wait anymore and plan your tour to Switzerland ASAP.

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