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When you think of Switzerland, the first picture that will come to your mind is probably the naturalistic Swiss Alps, gorgeous Swiss panoramic green fields with famous local models – alpine cows. However, there is so much more about this beautiful fairy country! Today, we will explore a pharmaceutical center, artistry, culture, and the “three countries” city of Basel!

The historical Basel is between three countries: France, Germany, and Switzerland. If your first destination in Switzerland will be Basel, you might consider taking a flight to Mulhouse EuroAirport. The unique feature in this particular airport is the location; since it’s on the French and Swiss borders, you should pay attention to which custom and side you should choose. But do not worry, there are signs and directions everywhere which you can follow. Once you are in the city center, you can enjoy the architecture of 14th-18th century houses under a mild climate, since Basel is considered the second sunniest city in Switzerland.

Basel Rhine River View

Basel is a beautiful city located on a broad and robust Rhine river. We definitely would recommend taking a pleasant promenade on the Middle Bridge, following the riverside, and enjoy the gorgeous views over the city’s cathedral and historical side of Basel. Furthermore, Basel has over 40 museums in the city! From cartoons, toys, and even paper museums to contemporary art exhibitions in the Kunstmuseum (Fine Arts Museum) and Fondation Beyeler. We will be delighted to greet you here and show you the best of Switzerland with our professional guides.

Basler Münster

Basel’s cathedral (Basler Münster), seen from everywhere in the city, it’s located on a hill overlooking one of the best views of Basel; a short walk can access it. The mesmerizing architecture combined in two different styles – Romanesque and Gothic, and a long history of constant restoration and building for almost 500 years, will astonish you— so many stories and deep thoughts kept inside those walls.

The pharmaceutical industry started in Basel 150 years ago. It all began with the silk dyeing process. However, Basel was a wealthy city due to paper manufacturing and book printing. The greatest minds were inhabitants of Basel, to name a few Erasmus of Rotterdam, artist Hans Holbein, mathematician Jakob Bernoulli, Swiss physician Paracelsus, all of which made a significant impact in the prosper and development of the city.

Basler Rathaus Courtyard

Another significant and notable building in Basel is the Town Hall (Rathaus). Its’ colorful red exterior is impossible to miss out on. However, the Town Hall was built as a visible gesture to celebrate the politically important event of joining the Swiss Confederation in 1501. Until today, the Cantonal Parliament and Government still hold their regular meetings there. Discover remarkable Basel with us, get to know interesting facts and sightseeing like Tinguely creation, the actual chemistry house, and of course more facts and stories about the city. Who knows, maybe you will be lucky and meet Roger Federer (tennis player) in person?

Discover those Basel highlights mentioned with some of many Basel walking tours below:

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