London, Paris, and Switzerland’s Heritage

Take a journey that will weave you through some of Europe’s most revered historical icons, discover famous art and immerse yourself in fascinating culture and tales of old. Explore London’s extraordinary emblems celebrated across the world. Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, and Big Ben are juxtaposed with modern creations such as The Shard and the Tate Modern that houses some of the world’s most delicate art from Picasso, Dali, and Rothko. Continue to Paris as the city boasts the cloud-piercing Eiffel Tower, history-lined boulevards, museums, boulangeries, and bistros. You’ll walk in the footsteps of the Sun King Louis XIV, discover the Arc de Triomphe and lamplit bridges spanning the Seine.

End in Switzerland, the country’s glacier-encrusted mountains stand proudly throughout the nation. They are home to the much-skied snow and ice lands. The mountains are transformed into meadows of wild alpine flowers and edelweiss as the winter turns to spring. Beautiful castles, sparkling lakes, pea-green vineyards, and colorful villages jostle with UNESCO world heritage sites, medieval towns, and industrial districts.

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London, Paris, and Switzerland's Heritage - Itinerary

London - Paris - Geneva - Bern - Lucerne

London, Paris and Switzerland's Heritage Journey Highlights

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CHF 2650

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