Lucerne Lake and Mount Pilatus

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Tours to Switzerland’s Lucerne Lake & Mount Pilatus

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Lucerne in Switzerland offers views of the Swiss Alps that tower over Lucerne city like a monument to the Swiss wilderness. Mt. Pilatus is a must-visit for nature lovers. Lucerne and its stunning massif boasts several stunning peaks, set within a playground of soaring rock faces, lush rolling Swiss valleys, and a network of meandering emerald lakes. The tallest peak in the group, Mt. Pilatus, reaches a heady 2,132 meters above sea level and is beloved by visitors for its sensational views over the Lucerne region. We’ll take you to the heart of the sites with opportunities to explore Lucerne’s Lake and Pilatus’s summit and ride Switzerland’s famous dragon aerial cable cars.

Private Tours departing from different locations:

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What’s Included in Your Lucerne Switzerland Tour

  • Private local guide
  • Standard rail ticket
  • Pilatus Golden Route pass (May to end of October)
  • Lake of Lucerne cruise ticket

Lucerne Switzerland Tour Guides

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Lucerne Switzerland

Lucerne Switzerland is an amazing geographical wonder with its panoramic mountain view at the shores of Lake Lucerne… commonly referred to as the “gateway to central Switzerland”. Lucerne, among the cities in Switzerland, offers lots of attractions that range from shopping to walking the shoreline to enjoying short day excursions to nearby mountains.

Lucerne Switzerland offers a complete experience e.g. arts, medieval chapels, old Swiss town vibes, covered wooden bridges, and much more. Lucerne’s historic houses are decorated with frescoes, being a city of town squares and churches. Lucerne is where tradition and modernity coexist with ease. If you are ever in Lucerne, you may want to stop by the KKL and see if there are any Lucerne festival and events taking place during your stay!

Lucerne is another great starting point for your excursion that showcase central Switzerland.

“A trip up one of Lucerne’s regional mountains, the Pilatus or the Rigi – the queen of mountains – is a must. But excursions up onto the Stanserhorn, the Bürgenstock or a steamship cruise on Lake Lucerne with its many bends and arms are certainly no less worthy. The Gotthard Panorama Express originates in Lucerne and ferries its passengers to the foot of the Gotthard pass via Lake Lucerne and then continues by rail into Ticino, south of the Alpine ridge. The «cherry road» leads from Lucerne through the landscape of cheery trees and kirsch.” – official Switzerland site. 

Key points of your tour to Lucerne Switzerland to the Mt. Pilatus and Lake Lucerne:

  • Discover Switzerland’s Mt. Pilatus
  • Cruise the Switzerland’s Lake Lucerne
  • Experience Switzerland’s magnificent Golden Route (Only Available From May to October)
  • Explore one of the must see mountain in Switzerland

Lucerne Highlights

It’s well known that Lucerne is an incredibly scenic city located in central Switzerland that offers a unique blend of historic charm and natural beauty with its towering mountains.

1. The Famed Wooden Chapel Bridge: The Chapel Bridge is a historic bridge in the heart of Lucerne’s Old Town, in fact, it’s the oldest wooden covered bridge in Europe!

2. Lake Lucerne: Lake Lucerne is a stunning lake that offers range of activities, from swimming and boating to hiking and biking – just imagine taking a boat tour or lake cruise to absorb the surrounding Swiss Alps with a crisp breezing refreshing your senses!

3. Mount Pilatus: Mount Pilatus is a famed mountain peak just outside of Lucerne that offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape – on can take the cable car to the summit and enjoy the hiking trails, panoramic views, and a variety of dining options… sounds like the perfect date!

4. Lion Monument: The Lion Monument is a striking sculpture carved into the rock face in memory of the Swiss Guards who died during the French Revolution – this monument serves as a poignant reminder of Switzerland’s history.

5. Lucerne’s Culture and History: Lucerne is a city with a rich cultural and historical heritage, so be prepared to explore the museums e.g. Richard Wagner Museum and the Swiss Transport Museum and/or explore the city’s architecture and history.

6. Festivals and Events in Lucerne: Annually, Lucerne is the host to a number of festivals and events throughout the year e.g. the Lucerne Festival, which features classical music performances as well as the Lucerne Carnival – a colorful and festive celebration held every February.

Lake Lucerne Highlights

1. Scenic Beauty of Lake Lucerne: Lake Lucerne is known for its incredibly stunning beauty – its clear blue waters that are surrounded by the Swiss Alps… which makes it a wonderful spot for boat tours and cruises that offer breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and villages.

2. Swiss Transport Museum: The Swiss Transport Museum is located in Lucerne and is one of the largest transport museums in Europe that offers variety of exhibits showcasing the history of transportation e.g. including planes, trains, cars, and ships.

3. Hiking Around Lake Lucerne: If you are planning to travel to Lucerne Lake, then you must take advantage of the surrounding mountains as they offer a variety of hiking trails that range from easy walks to more challenging hikes with all views of the lake and the surrounding Alps!

4. Lake Lucerne Watersports: If you love the water then Lake Lucerne is your destination! Whether you are active or just someone that desire to enjoy the vibrancy, Lucerne Lake will not disappoint with all its water-sports and opportunities for swimming, kayaking, and paddle-boarding.

Lake Lucerne’s Geographic Highlights

Lake Lucerne (also known as Vierwaldstättersee in German) is an incredibly breathtaking lake located in central Switzerland that is surrounded by the stunning Swiss Alps – no wonder the lake has served as inspiration for many artists and writers over the years, e.g. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who wrote about the lake in his work called the “Faust.” Lake Lucerne is surrounded by several Swiss mountains, e.g. Mount Pilatus, Mount Rigi, and the Bürgenstock, that enhance the scenic vibrancy of the surrounding landscapes.

Geographically, Lake Lucerne is the fourth largest lake in Switzerland that spans 114 square kilometers and across 38 kilometers with a depth that reaches 214 meters, making it quite possibly one of the deepest lakes in Switzerland. Lake Lucerne’s long and narrow S shape that stretches for more than 160 kilometers makes it home to several arms or bays, e.g. the Urnersee, the Vitznauerbecken, and the Küssnachtersee. As for rivers that feed it, one well know river is Reuss River, one of the major Swiss rivers that flows into Lake Lucerne at its northwestern end, while the lake’s outflow is the River Reuss at its southeastern end.

The lake’s waters are used for several purposes e.g. shipping, fishing, and recreation. It is also a drinking source for several cities and towns throughout the region which makes Lake Lucerne a great habitat for several species of fish, including perch, pike, whitefish, and lake trout. Today, Lake Lucerne is an important destination in Switzerland, it currently attracts millions of annual visitors that desire to enjoy its natural beauty, take a boat trip, and/or go hiking or skiing in the surrounding mountains.

Mount Pilatus Geographic Highlights

Mount Pilatus is a mountain located in central Switzerland, near the city of Lucerne. The mountain is named after Pontius Pilate, who is a Roman governor that is said to have been buried in a nearby lake. Mount Pilatus is definitely well known for its views, and on a clear day, it is possible to see as far as the Black Forest in Germany – can you just imagine that!

Mount Pilatus is part of the Swiss Alps and has an elevation of 2,128 meters (6,982 feet) and its located between Lake Lucerne and Lake Sarnen, and is part of the larger Pilatus massif that includes other peaks. The mountain is composed of several types of rocks, e.g. limestone and shale but more interesting is its distinctive shape that forms a horseshoe shape around the central valley via its peaks and ridges.

Today, Mount Pilatus is habitat to a diverse range of wildlife:

1. The Swiss Alpine Ibex of Mount Pilatus: The Alpine ibex is well-adapted to rugged terrain of the Swiss Alps and can be seen via the rocky slopes of Mount Pilatus, where they graze on grasses and other vegetation.

2. The Swiss Chamois of Mount Pilatus: Another type of wild goat of Mount Pilatus is the Chamois that are well-known for their agility and speed, that allows them to navigate the steep slopes easily.

3. The Swiss Red Deer of Mount Pilatus: The larger species, commonly known as the Red Deer in Europe, can be found in the forests and grasslands on the lower slopes of Mount Pilatus.

4. A Swiss Alpine Marmot: The Alpine marmot is native to the mountain slopes of the Alps and so are their distinctive whistling calls that can be heard echoing in the distance.

5. The Swiss Golden Eagle of Mount Pilatus: The golden eagle freely soars over the mountain peaks of Mount Pilatus – beyond hunting – these birds enjoy circling in the thermals above the mountain.

6. A Swiss Snow Vole: The snow vole is a small rodent that is well-adapted to Mount Pilatus conditions that have thick fur coats that help them stay warm in the winter.

7. The European Brown Bear: As rare as they are, they have been sighed on the lower slopes of Mount Pilatus.

Experience Lucerne Lake’s Local Cultural Scenes!

Lucerne Lake indeed has a rich cultural history and is home to many generational traditions and customs… In fact, among Lucerne Lake’s many folklore and legends, one involves dragons, witches, and other mythical creatures! One of Lucerne Lake’s most famous legends is that of the dragon of the lake, it is said to have terrorized the area until a brave knight killed it!

Lucerne Lake’s Cultural Festivals

Now if exploring local folklore isn’t your thing, do not worry… Lucerne Lake offers a variety of local art and entertainment opportunities! One of the local favorites is the Lucerne Festival of Classical Music as well as local folk music e.g. the Lucerne Fasnacht that features marching bands and traditional Swiss music.

Lucerne Lake’s Fine Cuisines

All the while as you build up your appetite Lucerne Lake offers fabulous Swiss cuisine e.g. specialties that include raclette which is a type of cheese that is melted and scraped onto bread or potatoes, or you can try some Luzerner Lebkuchen (a type of gingerbread). Lucerne Lake is also known for its wines and beers, definitely you should try the popular Luzerner Bier!

Lucerne Lake’s Local Artisans

To digest, why not take a stroll to experience Lucerne’s local arts and crafts e.g. woodworking, embroidery, and pottery. You’ll find many artisanal shops and studios in Lucerne where you can watch artisans at work as well asd purchase unique souvenirs!

Places To See On Our Lucerne Lake & Mount Pilatus Tour

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