Travel Agent Worldwide Program

Working With Us

We pride ourselves to insure we work in an efficient way, we have created a dedicated area where the travel agent will be able to easily book and have their commission directly deducted so that you do not need to wait to be paid! More information on working with us…

Taking Care

We take care of all our partners beyond the business relationship, making you part of our family while assisting in any way possible to ensure your absolute happiness.


We feel it is crucial that the travel agents who work with us are very well remunerated for their hard work. Thus, not only do we give high commissions, we also pay you a fee on every booking.


It is essential that you join and experience all trips we craft while seeing the level of service we provide for all clients while resting assured they are in the right hands to explore in an exclusive fashion. We will be taking care of everything for you!

Who Is Venez Discover Switzerland?

Venez Discover Switzerland of Tourismus Group based in Switzerland provides tours for families, couples, and solo travelers out of passion and love for tourism and its different diversified culture. Our objective and goal are to make each tour by not harming our beautiful planet, and by making sure the people we work with have the same philosophy. Venez Discover Switzerland brings the best out of each place by meticulously crafting each tour exclusively while taking care of our environment. We aim to bring the love, passion, and interest for our planet in each trip or service provided to you, which is the reason why carefully create all our trips. We do not resell any tours; private or packaged on our website nor use sub-contractors to perform our trips. That makes us the end supplier while guaranteeing control on the authenticity and excellent service we aim to strive for.

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